Your safe summer holidays 2020

We have adapted our safety and hygiene standards to comply with the new guidelines concerning anti-contagion rules.

Placing hand sanitiser dispensers (all of which are contactless) at strategic points throughout the hotel, using certified antibacterial and antiviral detergents and disinfectants, and treating the air with ozone have long been part of our daily practices. Upkeeping safety and the health and well-being of our customers and staff were a priority long before March 2020, and will continue to be so. Former guests or staff of Hotel Somont know this fully well.

We have now taken measures to guarantee the social distancing requirements needed at this time, setting up barriers where necessary as a precautionary measure. Moreover, the most advanced sanitation techniques and protocols are now in place: from online check in to fast payments and including limiting the time spent in common areas and equipping all staff with protective devices to prevent contagion. You can rest assured that we have trained and briefed all employees on the rules and best practices of contagion containment, for their own and our guests’ protection. All measures are implemented in an unobtrusive way, preserving our characteristic casual and family-like atmosphere.

You will also benefit from interesting and favourable holiday confirmation and cancellation conditions. During this period -which we hope is only a transition- we will not just begin where we left off, but we will work towards a better, more sustainable, more respectful future where everyone’s flexibility, tolerance, and calm will be needed so we can work together and observe new rules, new ideas, new ways to live your holidays… because this is what we’ll always be about. We’re ready, we’re waiting for you!