Summer feelings in the Dolomites

Is there a better invitation to venture into the fullness of life and thus into the secret of infinity?

The experience that Goethe describes so aptly unfolds day after day in the magnificent natural surroundings before us. Infinity wherever you look. Eternity in the silvery radiance of Val Gardena’s majestic mountains. Splendid in the golden sunlight. Unlimited beauty in the sparkling colours of living nature.

Paradise unfolds high up where the steely-blue sky touches the summits. Be it for hikers, climbing fans or mountaineers, for connoisseurs or bikers, here in the UNESCO world natural heritage region of the Dolomites, a wonderful mountain world reveals itself. Lush green meadows, colourful forests, romantic alpine pastures and the wonderful kingdom of the mountain summits.

Healthy and active on Nordic walking tours and guided hikes. Or how about a mountain bike ride in Val Gardena? Leaf, too, through the exciting “Val Gardena Active” programme. It could help make your dreams come true!

“If you want to reach the infinite, explore every aspect of the finite!”
(J. W. Goethe)